Our Journey



THAT GYAL BASHY - A Jamaican Patois phrase meaning "Girl, you look amazing!”

By combining our wanderlust and love of fashion with our desire to be eco-conscious, we developed a range of resort and travel-friendly apparel and accessories

We create breezy garments ready for the island sun and cozy knits for winter escapes.

Fashion for All

We strive to always incorporate sustainable fabrics and fibers in our designs, using ethical production methods with trusted suppliers. Beauty comes in all forms and shades. We are inspired by women who feel good in their own skin, love themselves, and aren’t afraid to show it. We want our wearers to feel empowered to express their beauty and confidence, just feel "irie" in their own skin and enjoy paradise without the guilt of fast fashion.


The Team

Within our team you will find fashion designers, technical designers, marketers and more! Combined we have years and years of experience in the fashion industry, which means we know where changes are a must. We are here to break the mold, sustainable fashion can be fun and bold!

Follow along our journey building Gyal Bashy!